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Five CLI Rust tools

5 CLI Tools Made With Rust To Improve Already Popular Tools

I love Linux 🐧 🥰

And lately, I’ve been loving Rust as well!

I just came across a listing of “5 CLI Tools Made With Rust To Improve Already Popular Tools” here. Of those on the list, I have already been using 3/5 of them 😆.

In no particular order - bat, exa, ripgrep, dust, bottom.

  • bat ” A cat(1) clone with wings.” - I’ve had this installed for quite a while now. It’s a great replacement for cat. Here is bat versus cat, displaying the output of package.json. As you can see it’s got syntax highlighting and I love that. Even has git integration, but I don’t use it. bat-vs-cat

  • exa “A modern replacement for ls” and it does a damn good job! It took me a while to get it set how i like. exa-vs-ls

  • ripgrep - it’s a search utility but I don’t really use it manually. I do have it in my zsh-alias for searching for files and then opening it directly in vim. I know it is also installed in my neovim telescope plugin.

alias fv='vim $(fz)'
alias fz='rg --files --hidden --follow --ignore-vcs -g "!{node_modules,.git}" | fzf'
  • dust “A more intuitive version of du in rust” - I had to install it just to see what it did. Seems very handy to see where all your diskspace is being used! But with 1.5TB combined SSDs it really doesn’t matter to me 🤣 dust

  • bottom - a simpler layout than htop bottom


  • starship Just like a few others above, I have have this installed for a while.